October 21, 2010

One More Week!

My birthday is just one week away! 

Luckily my birthday is close to Halloween...
 So today I am posting the very scary pictures from my senior year of high school! 

We spent almost every summer of high school dancing in L.A. Such great times! 
Whitney, Caroline & Courtney dancing at Encore Nationals in L.A.
July 1998.
My brother was a freshman my senior year. We had a great time together!!
First Day of School.
August 1998.
I would say that I missed out on about 75% of the parties in high school because I was either busy or grounded. (Yes, grounded) So when I did get out of the house it was always a great time. 
This particular night we came up with some crazy scheme of how I was going to break up with someone. 
Bad idea, girls. Bad.
Off to Allen's Hawaiian Party.
August 1998.
I was only a cheerleader for one year. My senior year. I had a blast during football season. 
Whitney & Loni @ the Homecoming Game.
October 1998.
I clearly had my hair cut between these pictures. Not sure it looks so hot. 
Whitney, Cara, Meredith, Holly & Kim on Senior Night.
November 1998.
Dance Conventions were always my favorite. My senior year we did a routine called "Amen" and normally beat the pants off everyone. Really. We did. 
Whitney, Melanie & Rachel.
West Coast Dance Explosion in Dallas.
November 1998.
Like I said, I had a blast cheering during football season. I was pretty much over it by basketball season though. They play way too many games! 
On the bus with the drill team girls to basketball playoffs.
February 1999.
I liked to be different. Shocker! So I always designed my own prom dresses and did my own hair. This year, I actually had my hair done for prom. I remember asking to look just like this. She did just as I asked. Why did I want to look this way? 
Whitney & Courtney at Ardmore High School Prom.
April 1999.
I had a great time during senior week at school. My classmates were great fun.
At Skateland for Senior Skate!
May 1999.
We had a lil party before graduation with Jessie & Bridger. Such good times. Looks like my friends bought out Harold's in this pic!  
Summer, Jessie, Whitney, Thomas, Meghann, Bridger, Courtney & Erin.
May 1999.
My whole family came to the party. Look at the Crazy Lady's pants! 
Uncle Stan, Aunt Tracy, Daddy, Cody, Mommy, Papa, Whitney, Mimi & Gege!
May 1999.
Clearly there were some fashion faux pas in this post. Let's look past that! 
And for my friends in this post... I look worse than all of you so no getting angry! 


  1. These old pictures are too funny, love the one with you and Nataly!

  2. I have no words.

  3. Ah Thanks Sarah! I cannot believe I feel okay posting these things!

    Jess, I am sure you have words, you just might not have blog appropriate words.

    And... can we talk about how fat my arms were? UGH!

  4. This is a fantastic post. Just...Fantastic.

    (I felt great turning 30. Like I'd reached a real milestone. 31, however, sent me into a panic.)

  5. Man those are fun pictures to look at.



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