July 21, 2010

The Crazy Lady is Coming!!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! My once a week trip through planning my wedding and engagement bliss!! 

Today the Crazy Lady, aka my mother, is coming to see me! And she is bringing her super cool friend Tammy! I am extremely excited about the events that are going to occur over the next several days!

First thing first!! The main reason for this trip to the city is WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!! Wooo!!! Get excited people!!! I know I am!!!

Here is the shopping agenda:
Thursday @Noon Kleinfeld's of NYC & Say Yes To The Dress

Saturday @10:00am Pronovias!

I have been told not to over schedule each day so I separated them out one a day. I mean, we still have to go to Bloomingdales so the Crazy Lady can find her MOB dress and then I am all for the Bumble & Bumble counter!! Did I mention adult beverages, sushi and Broadway!! I cannot wait for this woman to get here!! 

So, ladies in the know, please comment and tell me all about your wedding dress experience!! I will need help I am sure!!


  1. Uh oh, dont waste those peoples time at Kleinfelds lol. I love that show by the way. My wedding dress experience, hmm. My sister picked it out, I never would have, the minute I put it on I loved it. The end haha. Oh and it was from Davids Bridal. Are we going to see possible options? Pics?! lol

  2. If the stores will let me take pictures then I will probably post a few of them next Wednesday. I hear that some stores don't allow photos. :( I understand why but I like to document things.

    And no worries, I have a feeling Klienfelds is just for the experience!

  3. Well, let's see here, my dress was the first one I tried on. Loved it, now looking back though, wish I would've gone to one more store, just to see, so I think you've got it down. You'll know the one when you try it on. My sister, hers was like the 3rd or 4th dress she tried on and we all knew it was the one. My piece of advice: go outside of what you think will look good, try on some of the dresses that the sales people suggest, that's how my sister found her gorgeous Monique gown. Have fun! Can't wait to come to NYC myself!



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