July 15, 2010

Who knew Jersey could be fun?

You may be looking for a post on Snooki & The Situation but you find that here. (Don't kid yourself, I watch the Jersey Shore though.) Just a simple post about how Stud Muffin and I spent 4th of July.

Originally we had planned to try and go see our future wedding site over the 4th but the plane tickets were just too pricey. So, we decided to stay in the city and just save some cash. 

Then, a few days before the holiday Stud Muffin's cousin called to see if we would like to stay in her apartment in Weehawken for the weekend while she and her husband were out of town. They have a pool with a city view! I'm in!!You take a ferry from Manhattan to Weehawken and your there. So simple!

We spent the day by the pool.

Had to get all of my serious reading in while tanning. Then later that evening we watched the fireworks over the Hudson River. They were so gorgeous! Macy's always puts on an amazing show!! (Thanksgiving or 4th!) 

The next day we headed back on the ferry to reality. Ho hum... 

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