July 19, 2010

Upstate NY Weekend

Last weekend Stud Muffin and I went upstate NY to see his mother for the weekend. For those of you that do not know about upstate NY it is BEAUTIFUL!! I mean simply divine. When people think about NY they only think NYC but there is an entire world of wilderness and mountains north of this city. 

Stud Muffin and I caught a ride with his cousin Friday night and headed up the NY State Thruway. It is always a pretty drive. When we arrive my future Mother In Law had wine, cheese and baked goods ready for us to chow down on! It was delightful. We stayed up til 2 in the morning just talking and catching up! That is WAY PAST MY BEDTIME!!

Saturday morning it rained and we stayed in the house having some coffee and homemade coffee cake! It was heaven and so relaxing. After the rain lifted Stud Muffin and I went on a walk around is old neighborhood. 

Here is the creek that runs along the road and behind his mothers house. 
More Creek.
We found all sorts of things growing...

When we got back to the house and were walking up the steps... I noticed that something moved under our feet. A SNAKE!!! I jumped (and I'm not kidding about my reaction) into my Stud Muffin's arms crying. Seriously. He thought it was funny and tried to put me down. This is NOT a laughing matter I tell you! I then sat on top of his mothers car until he carried me inside. I have no pics of the snake because I was too scared to move. BUT... Stud Muffin, my hero, got that shovel out and took that suckers head off!! Woooo!! 

On Saturday evening we went to dinner with my Grandmothers cousin, Teddy, who lives upstate these days. It was delightful. He and Joan got along so well. Just two peas in a pod I say. 

On Sunday, Stud Muffin got outside and did some yard work for his mother. While he was outside working I snapped pics of things I thought were cool in this old house. 
First thing first... the fireplace in this house... is a bit creepy.
Notice anything scary? 
Then I took some pics of the birds. I was too loud and moved to fast to get a good pic. Always scared them.
And then... a pic to show off Stud Muffin's amazing artist skills!! I love it! 
He drew this for his mother one year at Christmas time. It is framed so there is a glare in the pic but you get the drift. He is Gooooood!

Stud Muffin built his Mom a fire place in her yard. Cannot wait to go back and sit by the fire. 

How cute is this house in the woods?

Thanks for the fun weekend Joan!! We'll be back soon!!

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