June 30, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays are Here!

Because I am living and breathing this wedding and could talk about it for days on end, (Seriously, I am enthralled by this whole process and loving it!) I figured it would be best to just write about it one day a week and spare all my readers the torture of my crazy days! 

The day that I had NO IDEA was coming...

Sunday May 23, ,2010 began like any other day of vacation. Get up, have brunch + mimosa, go to pool + key lime colada, and then off to a nice dinner at sunset. Sounds about right. 

Stud Muffin plays with everything on the table. 

We love love love the pool.

And we also wear our SPF!!

We had dinner reservations at this great place called Latitudes on Sunset Key just off the coast of Key West. We had been there to see the beach the year before and thought the restaurant was so cute. So it didn't seem odd when Stud Muffin suggested that we go back for dinner this year. Here we are waiting for the boat to take us over to the island. (note:  in every pic someones hand in their pocket. and yet, I remain clueless)

We took the boat over with several other groups of people that were eating at Latitudes as well. When we went to the hostess stand she ushered us to what could be the best table in the place. On the white sand, out of the sun and this gorgeous view!

Stud Muffin and I took some pics while the sun was setting (Note: hand in pocket) and ordered our dinner.

After dinner Stud Muffin suggested we walk down the beach for some other great photo ops. We had to walk through this roped off area and I did not want to get in trouble but he had apparently asked the waiter about that while I was in the restroom. (Really Whitney? You don't know what's coming?!!) So, we headed down the beach with permission. ;) 
I would love to share the story of what my Stud Muffin said to me, but... I cannot for the life of me remember. I can tell you this. We were staring at the sunset and he was talking more than usual and the word WIFE came out of his mouth... I don't remember what else was said. I don't even know if he said "Will you marry me?" I think he did. He got down on one knee and all I could do was tell him to get up! I wanted to hug him and scream and oh yeah... I hadn't even looked at the ring yet! I was in shock! SHOCK!! 

When we got back to the table I called my Dad and Mom and as you can see... I was HAPPY!

We ordered dessert and I only ate about 3 bites. I dipped my hair into my awesome pomegranate martini and got red all over my white dress. I had NO IDEA I was doing that either. I was a hot mess I tell you! A happy hot mess however. 

While waiting for the boat to go back to Key West, this wonderful woman asked if she could take our "first picture" as an engaged couple. So happy she did that because I doubt we would have had one otherwise. 

It is now a month after the fact and I am still BEAMING. Never knew I was gonna be so excited. Stud Muffin in now ready to book honeymoon and I am super excited about wedding planning. Let the year long festivities begin! We are getting married on June 4th, 2011!!!

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  1. what a story!!! it's better hearing you tell it in person:) love you lots and we're so happy for you both!



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