August 27, 2010


As many of you Dancing Readers already know, I am slightly obsessed with college football. Okay, really obsessed. So, I have decided to dedicate 2 days a week this fall to my Sooners!! OH YEA!!!  So, Fridays and Tuesdays it will be all college football!! Why, Tuesdays you ask... Standings come out on Mondays and you know I am gonna have an opinion... or 3. 

So now that you know.... Here are some links to get you thinking in the proper mind set!! See you for more football on Tuesday!! College football kicks off in less than a week! Yipee!!!

And... my favorite, The Sports Animal...


  1. You know that my two teams are ranked right by each other this year. Frogs above the Sooners though!

  2. Seriously, Jess? No one wants to hear about you Frogs. ;)



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