August 5, 2010

Billy Elliott on Broadway

My Mother came to visit and we did a little bit of musical watching!! It was great!!

On Friday night of Mom's trip we went to see Billy Elliott. 
I normally see shows on Broadway that are based around dancing as soon as I can get a ticket. Billy Elliott was different however. I had seen the movie and while I really enjoyed it I just didn't know how much I would enjoy a child driven show on Broadway. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  

Hands down my favorite show I have seen on Broadway to date! The choreography in this show was unreal. It was so intricate and no detail was overlooked. The transition scenes are beautifully done. Peter Darling did a fabulous job!! 

Now, while the choreography may have been my favorite part (I am a little biased to those things) I was simply amazed by the children in this show. There are TINY children in this show and they hit every single one of their marks without fail! The set moves so much around them they would be injured if they didn't!! All the little girls in the show are adorable with their non-pointed toes and bad lines. I am sure that was all on purpose. 
And let me just talk FOREVER about "Billy". OH MY GOSH!!! That is one demanding role! No wonder the part was triple cast in the beginning. And yes, all 3 of those boys deserved the Tony Award they received! This kid acts, dances and sings throughout the entire production and doesn't miss a beat. The only thing I didn't like in the show was when Billy sees himself dancing when he is older. The older Billy was off balance and took me out of the moment. The child Billy was A-MAZE-A-BALLS!!! Simply fantastic!! 

There are moments in the show that I never saw coming and I am keeping them to myself because I was crying I was laughing so hard and I do not want to steal that moment for anyone else. I just have one little hint... Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy!!! Ahhhh....

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