August 31, 2010

Football MUST SEES This Week!

Welcome to My College Football Fandemonium!! 
(Feel free to subject yourself every Tuesday & Friday!)

I am admittedly biased to my Oklahoma Sooners. No Longhorns welcome here!

As the season kicks off on Thursday! (I am so excited I might just pee my pants!) I decided to give you a list of what you should be watching this weekend. Enjoy!! 

Thursday September 2nd
7:30pm No. 2 Ohio State vs. Marshall
7:30pm No. 13 Miami vs. Florida A & M
Neither of these games will be all that interesting but c'mon people... Football is officially starting!!! 

Friday September 3rd
8:00pm Arizona vs. Toldeo 
(I just think we should all support the Stoops clan!)

Saturday September 4th 
Noon  No. 20 Florida State vs. Samford (Research for upcoming Sooners game!)
3:30pm UConn at Michigan (I just wanna watch it.)
7:00pm No. 7 Oklahoma vs. Utah State 
7:45pm No. 24 Oregon State vs. No. 6 TCU (Cheer your pants off for the Frogs I say!!!) 

Monday September 6th
8:00pm No. 3 Boise State vs. No. 10 Virginia Tech
(This is my pick for Game Of the Week... and you best be cheering for Virginia Tech... those boys with the Blue Field make me angry!)

And, yes, I know I left off the LSU vs. UNC Game... I just don't think its going to be a game. LSU is going to kill them and there are plenty of other games to watch at that time. Trust me... Not going to be a game.


  1. Whitney, I'm so proud you put my Frogs on your blog! I'm slowly winning you over. I'm hoping that we'll have to be pulling for both the Sooners and the Frogs at the end of the season.

  2. Here's the deal Jess, I can cheer for your TCU Frogs as long as it is not going to keep my Sooners from succeeding. Not too mention, I loathe Boise State and if any team in gonna "break" the BCS it better be TCU! Love ya! BOOMER!

  3. It's only on PPV :( I'll keep up with the score on my phone though!!! GO SOONERS!



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