March 9, 2010

Cannot Live Without It!

Because I live out of my suitcase most of the year, I have decided to share with you the things I simply cannot live without. 
  1. My flatiron that doubles as a curling iron. It is the thing that dreams are made of I tell you! I actually got suckered into buying this wall in a mall in Vegas. Who knew it would become one of my very favorite possessions. I swear it makes a HUGE difference in my hair. They should hire me to be a spokeswomen I am so in love  with this product!  
  2. If you are going to travel with a flatiron that you use each day, you need a case for it. My mother got me a  hot pink one of course. I love this as well because I can stick the flatiron in hot hot hot and it will keep it safe in my bag from anything happening to it. Amika sells them as well. I just happened to already have one. 
  3. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes! These things save my life. I have the weirdest hours on the road and keep these in my purse or rolling bag so that I can grab them at any time. They are essential for nights that I have to sleep on the bus because I cannot always wash my face right away. I use the "refill" pack normally while traveling. The other great thing about this product is that they are NOT a liquid!!
  4. Evian Spray! I know, I know... it seems a little "princess like" for the road but it is a MUST. Flying dries me out like crazy and my days are normally at least 12 hours in a theater. I start to zone out at points and this spray wakes me right up. It doesn't smudge makeup or give you streaks. I am in love with this stuff. Only downfall is that it is a liquid and not super small in the travel bag.
  5. I get extreme motion sickness. Extreme, I say! So leading a life of planes, trains and automobiles is a bit of a struggle. However, Stud Muffin found a solution for me about 2 years ago that has changed my life. Ginger Root!! It works wonders! The best part about it is that I have no drowsiness or any other crazy side effect. It is all natural. They make suckers, gum, pills and all sorts of things out of ginger. I normally take the pills. Although, I will warn you, like most "vitamins" you need to have food in your stomach to take it. So sometimes those 4:00am call times don't work out for me.
Well, those are the top five things (other than the basics of course) that I simply must have on the road. What about you? Anything you think I need to travel with? I am always looking for something to make life easier on the road.


  1. It's obviously been a couple of weeks since I've popped over here (sorry!) but I LOVE the new look of the blog.

    This is a great post. People who travel a lot have certain ingrained routines that they live by. I know I do.

    I also swear by a good flat iron and some sort of wipes.

  2. I have to second the wipes and the flat iron. My new Chi came with a case and it's perfect. My wipes are Mary Kay, love 'em, they are the lazy woman's way to stay fresh and clean! I would say those items and mascara and I could pretty much make it wherever, one month ago, I would have added contacts to this list but alas LASIK fixed that problem.

  3. Thanks Laura!

    And, yes, the wipes make a world of difference. I am so particular about things I am surprised that traveling is what I love.

    And, Jess, I need a lot more than just mascara to survive in all honesty but I could force myself to go without make up for a while if needed.

  4. I, too, get EXTREME motion sickness. I'm actually flying back to OK next week, and my #1 item on my To-Pack list are my motion sickness bands. They are like little sweat bands, but have an accupressure bead on them that magically makes all motion sickness go away. It's magical, I tell ya!

    And truth be told, I've never used a flat iron in my life. Perhaps this will go on my birthday wish list this year...

  5. Ooooh, Whitney! I'm super interested in the amika recommendation. I have used a CHI flat iron for years. In fact, it really is time to replace mine. Is the amika as effective as the CHI? I've always wished to find something that can smooth out this hair without it having to be flat as a board.

  6. Well I must say that I am completely in love with mine but I have never owned a CHI so I may not be a good person to help compare.
    I did the curls in my hair in this post with my flat iron. I simply love it. I did need a tutorial on using it though.



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