March 6, 2010

Press Tour Whirlwind

Welcome to my life on the road.
Well, after we left Cincinnati we went straight to Ft. Wayne, IN. We had some downtime once we got there so we all went to dinner at a local brewery. Really cute and the food was great! Also, because I gave up beer for Lent, my bill was about $9! Can't beat that!

On Thursday morning we went to an Early Childhood Center in Fort Wayne. The kids are underprivileged and we A-mazing to see. I was so touched by them. And when we finished I learned that Gabba was giving the entire school tickets to the show!! How great is that?

We only had one stop in Fort Wayne and then we were off to Milwaukee. And, yippee! We had more free time! We went to eat at a seafood place on the river called Molly Cool's. Really Good! Mossi & Josh had King Crab and it looked fabulous.  I had some seriously good crab bisque. I was so happy to eat something that was not fast food! (Well, I did have a PB & J but that hardly counts as food.)

Friday was a long day for us! We started by "Getting Our Sillies Out" at a news station. Then we drove 50 miles to Gurnee Mills Mall. This is apparently the largest outlet mall in our country. I loved this event. All the characters sat down and colored with kids, took pictures and gave many hugs. I took some great pictures but I have to wait and let Gabba use them first.

After our drive back from Gurnee Mills, we went to the Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Game! We once again did "Get the Sillies Out" and gave away some merchandise. They also hid tickets under a seat for the show! Muno was such a big hit, that they asked him to ride the Zamboni!! I was very jealous, but at least I got to see my first hockey game!

After the hockey game we hopped on the bus and drove all night to Minneapolis. We arrived this morning about 5:45am and went straight to another television appearance. Needless to say, I am a little on the tired side today. However, it has all been so much fun I don't really mind much!

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