March 3, 2010

Out and About

Welcome to my life on the road. 
(I am not allowed to post too many pictures until the tour is over, so these may seem a bit boring and plain.)

Yesterday was our first day of press for this segment of our tour. We were in St. Louis. It was a real treat. We started the day off at a Fox News station, then headed over to a CBS station for a little spot. CBS just happened to be right across the street (highway) from the Arch and we had this fantastic plan to walk across the street in costume and take some pictures.

Well, walk across the street in costume we did. Ha! People were stopping in their cars and getting out their phones to take pictures. The characters played it up like crazy. They waved as cars honked and skipped across the busy street. Looking both ways before crossing of course. Then we got to the Arch and began our own little photo session. 
(I figure since I am in this shot it is a "fan" shot and totally okay to post!) 
We were having a grand time taking photos and laughing at ourselves when a small crowd began to gather. And then children starting appearing wanting in our photos. And, as any good group of thespians would do, we obliged all of them. Then we were saved by security, well, kind of. Security came to tell us that we needed a permit to have a promotional photo shoot at the Arch. Apparently if you are wearing giant foam costumes you look a little suspicious. 

Afterward we headed to the St. Louis Children's Hospital to read to kids. I am not sure about the others but I was really touched by this moment. It took everything I had not to cry in front of those kids. They had a great time and I was so happy to have been a part of making their day better. 

More to come!!

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  1. Well at least you didn't actually go into The Arch. I've been in that thing and will NEVER do it again. I have some sweet video of Little Red dancing tonight so I'll have to send it to you.



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