March 4, 2010

WKR?... in Cincinnati!

More life on the road. 
After our fun filled day in St. Louis we drove six hours to Cincinnati, OH. The bus was pretty calm after all the fun we had during the day and that was nice. 
The next morning at 4:00am when we were loading the costumes into the van, I noticed that Brobee was not in my room. (We had to store them in there over night for our early load the next day.) Oops! We left him on the bus! So, at 4:00am I had to go steal him from our bus in a random parking lot. I am sure this was a site to see.

After we finally had the entire cast of characters safely in the van we headed to Local 12 for their morning show. And let me tell you, it was fun! Who knew that at 5:00am tons of women are watching television. The host, Bob Herzog, was a blast and danced for a bit with the cast!  

Then, we had a little break and the cast went to Waffle House. Mmmm. I could get used to the prices at Waffle House for my meals. I had breakfast for less than $5.00!! INSANE! 

Fox News was our next stop. We "Got the Sillies Out" with the host, Frank. Too fun! We didn't know he was going to jump in and dance, but it worked out so well. It was really a great time. Those Cincinnati hosts are a riot! 
Sorry no pics today. Camera needs to be charged up and I left the charger on the bus. You will have to wait until tomorrow folks! 

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