March 1, 2010

Another Day Another Airport

Well, in the last week I have been at seven airports. Yup, SEVEN.

I don't mind airports too much. They have just become a part of my daily life. But what I do wonder is why people are so cranky at the airport. I used to wonder this because I was only there for vacation and couldn't understand why people would get so upset when things weren't going their way.
Now, I am at the airport at least once a week for work. And I really see frustrated passengers on a regular basis. Sometimes I understand but mostly I don't.
This weekend in particular was a doozy. If anyone saw on television the amount of snow we had here in NYC you know. I changed my flight about 3 times before heading to the airport and praying I would get somewhere. However, the number of people that were rude about their flights being canceled or delayed simply amazed me! I mean, did you look outside people?! We have 18" of snow on the ground! I understand that it is frustrating but people cannot change what Mother Nature has in store for us.

So, with that said... today is my first day back on the job with Yo Gabba Gabba! I will be heading back to the airport this afternoon and then it is off to St. Louis.
Stay tuned for posts on road life!!

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