December 31, 2009


I cannot believe that it has been 10 years of the 2000s!
Many things have changed for me in the past decade. I would say that this has been the most interesting 10 years of my life by far. (Not that I have that many decades to choose from but ya know!) So, with inspiration from all the television "lists" this week, I have decided to recap the highlights of my past 10 years.

* I graduated high school and thought that made me a real adult. Not so much!
* I began college as a modern dance major and learned quickly that it was much harder than I had ever expected.
* The first year I ever paid taxes. (blah blah blah!)

* I left the dance department and changed my major to journalism. BUST! I wanted to dance, just not in a college setting.
* I moved into a house with 96 girls. One of the most fun things EVER!! I absolutely loved it there.
* The Sooners went UNDEFEATED and won their first national championship in 15 years! Yeah Baby!!

After moving, I quickly learned that I was not going to be "famous" overnight and that it took a lot more than talent to make it here. There is a reason people with far more talent than me left LA or NYC after just a year. It is lonely and you never really know who your friends are. Lucky for me, I guess, I was just too stubborn to admit I missed Oklahoma and normal life.
After living here for just a short 8 months, the twin towers were hit in a terrorist attack. I have absolutely no idea why, but that one single event gave me more courage to stay here than anything else had done. I know that day will forever remain a memory in my mind.
* I
also performed my very first show in NYC this year! It was a dance revue at Broadway Dance Center but I loved every minute of it!!

* I was living in NYC's Greenwich Village and finally adjusting to life in the big city.
*I started working full time for Encore Performing Arts Showcase and was most definitely working as a full time waitress. (BOO!!) Although, I met some great people while working there!
* I performed in my first Elan Awards honoring Anne Reinking! Love her!!

My first NYC roommate moved out and went on tour with Hairspray. :(
* I lived alone for about 2 months and painted my apartment HOT PINK! It was fabulous!! (Sadly, I cannot find my pics of this lovely Barbie Dream House)
*That summer, we had a city wide (well, most of the northeast) blackout! It was HOT! I had 3 people from my hometown staying in my apartment that summer so we made the most of it! We did a lot of hanging out in Central Park.
*In the fall, I got to perform in another Elan Awards... this time, honoring Rob Marshall!! Needless to say, I was pretty excited to dance in front of that man!!
*And then that winter... I got to be Daffy Duck in the Holiday Parade! Oh, you know you wish you were in that costume!

*Oh 2004... the year I took a step back from dancing (not on purpose) and became a restaurant manager! DUMB DUMB DUMB!
*Although, I met the love of my life while working there, so I will accept that year as a good one!
*And... 2 of my favorite people in the world got married!! I love em!!

*2005 proved to be a much better year for me than the one before. I quite my job as a manager on Jan. 2!! Oh happy day!!
* I moved into my own apartment. It was the cutest little studio all to myself! I loved it!! (I think everyone should live alone for a year. It really helps you to become you!)
*I started auditioning more and more and dance became fun again!
*Brian took me to Fire Island for the first time, where I fell in love with the place! And I took him to Key Largo for the first time.

*This was the year I became Big, Blue & Furry. I was cast as Bluedles on the short lived PBS show "Sheira & Loli's Ditty Doodle Works."
* It was a crazy job but it was fun for the most part. Can't say I miss dancing in that suit though!
*I got to do the choreography for the show when they performed with Johnny Weir at the Reckson Center Christmas Tree Lighting!
*Oh, and I got to dance with Chaka Kahn!!

*This year was a bit of a downer compared to 2006 for me.
*Ditty Doodle went on tour for about 3 weeks and then we all lost our jobs because they weren't making enough money.
*I spent a lot more time teaching and judging dance competitions this year. (Which I love but it wasn't enough.)
*And... the real downer for me!! Coco joined the freakin Navy while we are at war!! I was angry for a while but I think it has made him a man!!

*Eventful to say the least!
* We started the year off by meeting up with Coco's ship in FL. It was great to see the sailor!
*Then Brian & I took a trip with our friends Megan & John to St. Maarten. It was a blast!!
*I spent the summer on tour with Kidz Bop Live! It was a good time for sure. I still keep in touch with all of the kids and love them dearly. They are super talented and going places!
*Brian attended his first OU/TX game with me and the family in October. Unfortunately, we lost.
*I then spent 3 months in Akron, Ohio performing in a production of All Shook Up! One of the most fun times I have ever had!! I really missed Brian and hated working on all the major holidays but it was a great experience!

*Well, this year started off slow... I came back from Ohio with the economy killing Broadway!
*I judged and did some choreography during the spring and summer.
*I went to LA for about 6 weeks in the end of summer to see about switching coasts and what do you know... I got a JOB!!
*The Yankees won the World Series!!
*Yo Gabba Gabba Live then took up the rest of my year! It was HUGE. I even got to watch Snoop teach the Peanut Butter Stomp!
*After that I took my first trip to Hawaii and got to see my brothers ship come in.
Cannot wait!!

I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Happy New Years to everyone!! Be safe, wear your seat belt and have a DD!!


  1. What a fun 10 years!!! I am so honored to have been featured as a highlight...and even in a picture!! WOW:) Miss you!

  2. So sad that I couldn't find a pic from your wedding! I know I have them somewhere!!



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