January 6, 2010

How I found my Stud Muffin (part one)

Meet Stud Muffin.
(Well, really he is just Brian, but I call him Stud Muffin.)

He and I have some differences in opinion about how we came to be a couple... I thought I would tell my side of the story first... because, as I am sure you already know, my version is the correct one!

First a little back-story:
I was working as a restaurant manager at a sports bar/ BBQ place in NYC's Murray Hill area. I was a whopping 23 years old and the restaurant was not the most seem-less place I had ever worked. I was cranky and unhappy 90% of the time I was there. There were several issues that made me crazy but my personal favorite was that the televisions in this place were a nightmare!! Every man that walked through the door assumed that he knew what channel it should be on or had a very good reason for why I should change it to what he wanted to watch. No one ever believed that I knew how to work them or what games were on each day. (I am a HUGE sports fan! I know what games are important!) But the real kicker with these TVs was that they lost signal when it was raining or windy! You can imagine the horrible things said to me when we lost signal during a huge 3rd down conversion or bases loaded-with A-Rod up situation! I thought theater people were dramatic... Nope! Men and their Fantasy Football... DRAMA!!

Moving on to July 24, 2009
A hot rainy evening at the sports bar. The Yankees were set to play the Red Sox at 7pm and the place was pretty empty. (Summers in NYC are normally pretty slow as most people are in the Hamptons.) So, at about 6:30 the normal chatter of men asking me to change the channel began. This really attractive guy comes over and shyly asks me if I am going to put the Yankees game on. Apparently, I was a bit short with my answer of "Oh, the Yankees are playing? I had no idea!" Can you blame me? He was about the 8th person to ask! After that I explained that I was and what TV it would be playing on. He then asked me if I could put the Mets on the other TV! I replied with "Nope! I don't like the Mets." (I put it on of course!)

I went back to my business and then... naturally... the TVs lost signal! The restaurant cleared out! I noticed that shy guy and his friends were still sitting at their table and I needed some customers so... I bribed them to stay until the TVs came back on with some free beer. (A bucket of free PBR works every time!) Then I went back to chat up my bartender who was really bored. She and I may have possibly spent the next 20 minutes or so talking about the shy guy (Stud Muffin) and his friends. We may have discussed his resemblance to that guy from the O.C. and that he seemed to be really hot! I mean, we might have noticed.

Then, I don't know how I missed it but suddenly Stud Muffin and one of his friends were sitting at the bar! And my lovely bartender decides she needs to go to the store... immediately... can I watch the bar for her?! What?! The rest is a bit blurry to me... I chatted with Stud Muffin until my bartender returned. I had a job to do, so somewhere in the night I managed to be a manager and close down the place, count the money, lock the doors and... I may have happened to tell the 2 boys at the bar they were welcome to hang out with us while we waited for the staff to clean.

Here are 2 of the highlights from that evening... or maybe they are low-lights not too sure.
1. I tell Stud Muffin that I am a dancer... he responds with the typical guy "Can you do the splits?" Hmmm... tacky I think but he doesn't seem tacky. I, of course, tell him that response is tacky and now to this day he denies ever saying this to me!
2. We have a drink together. He decides... he'll have what I am having. Ha! His face when he was given a mason jar with an inch worth of booze at the bottom... priceless! (I was having a martini... but at this classy joint we didn't have the correct glasses. So, you got it in a mason jar!)
The night came to an end about the time the sun came up. Yep! (That really wasn't all that odd for me. I had to stay at the restaurant until they were finished cleaning. That was normally 5:30am or so. Stud Muffin, however, I bet he was tired.) We exchanged phone numbers and went our separate ways. When I got home I sent him a text message that said "Boston Sux". This text may be the reason I still have Stud Muffin in my life.
Stay tuned for part two!

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