January 12, 2010


Well, after the numerous emails, facebook messages and comments from yesterday... I have decided to give you some hints that may help you figure out what Stud Muffin and I received for Christmas.

First... a good rule to remember when looking at both puzzles is that the clues all relate to the gift (or answer) but not necessarily to each other. And second, remember the answer was a gift so nothing too crazy!

Now... for the first puzzle... (which was my gift)Here are some helpful hints!
1. I was told think of something you would only give to a woman.
2. Stud Muffin noticed that all of them had been used for color of some sort once upon a time.

2nd puzzle(Stud Muffin's gift).
1. I was stuck on the playing cards and fur. Which made me think Native Americans.
2. Stud Muffin said all the things related to trading.

I will be posting the answers tomorrow morning but would LOVE to see if you all have any guesses now!


  1. Tracy Sadler1/12/10, 10:47 AM

    were the clues all wrapped in each individual box of the tower, starting at the top and working down to the last box that was the actual gift?

  2. Yes. The boxes size had nothing to do with what was inside just put that way to build a pyramid.
    **Here is another hint... both gifts were much too small for their box.



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