January 13, 2010


Well, I told you all that I would reveal the answers to the gift riddles today. I must say that I am a tad disappointed in the lack of answers I received. I mean, come on people... you just have to guess...

Anyhow, for my gift with the clues being...
Saffron, Egg, Berries & Bark, Chalk and Led.
Told to think of something you would give a woman... and after shaking my box. I guessed nail polish. You know... all these things but the egg were once used as color so I took a stab at it. Stud Muffin's Sister In Law guessed it had something to do with a spa.

We were both pretty close but the answer was...
Sephora Gift Card!!! Well, Make-Up was the answer really. SO FREAKIN CLOSE!!!

As for Stud Muffin's gift the clues were:
Shells, Playing Cards, Fish, Cow, Fur and Whiskey.
Brian said it had something to do with trading but that was all he could come up with. I first guessed (please no one be offended) it had something to do with Native Americans... Whiskey, fur and playing cards!! I was then told we were on the right track so I said... Casino... then I guessed that he was given a lottery ticket.

I was close but the answer...
COLD HARD CASH!! (all the things that were given as clues were "traded" for cash at some point)

My goal is to stump Miss Joan next year for Christmas. First... I have to figure out the gift and then, I will be doing research all year!!


  1. That is such a great idea!!! We were not even close on yours!! Stan and Mackenzie and I were leaning towards a pashmina for you!!! We had no clue about Brians!! I missed the email link Update today but I remembered to look!!! Although Mackenzie reminded me!!!

  2. I completely forgot to send out the email today! oops!!

    I had an easier time with Brian's gift than mine and Brian gave me the biggest clue when he realized they were all used for color.

    Glad you enjoyed the game... Cannot wait to post more fun things!



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