January 12, 2010

How I found my Stud Muffin (part two)

Remember how I said I sent the text message to Stud Muffin when I got home the night we met...

Well, that was the last bit of communication he had with me for the next 2 weeks. Sort of.

I have phone anxiety issues. (When I post the 500 reasons having children scares the crap out of me, I will explain the phone issues in depth.) He called. He left messages. He called some more. I never answered. I never called back. And, yet, he kept calling. This is where our stories begin to differ.

See, Stud Muffin says that he called me for (well, his answer to this goes up every time someone asks) a month. I say, he called me for 2 weeks. I keep a very detailed journal so I would know how long it was between the time I met the love of my life and the time I actually spoke to him on the phone.

If you are wondering what made me finally answer the phone... I didn't look at the caller ID before I answered. I was holding a couch (rearranging the furniture in the apartment) and just grabbed it. This does NOT mean that I didn't want to talk to him! I tried calling him back several times. I would pick up the phone and stare at it for a few minutes, type in the numbers and stare some more and then eventually chicken out and say I will do it tomorrow. I really liked him! I just couldn't seem to get the courage up to call or answer. I mean, he was the hottest guy I had ever seen!! I had to be prepared to talk to him!

Back to the story at hand... I answered, realized that Stud Muffin was on the other end and freaked! I was holding a couch and the potential love of my life was on the line! I told him that I would have to call him back when the furniture was in place. Um...me? Call him back? CRAP! I then spent the next several minutes pacing around my living room and telling myself that if I didn't call back he was NEVER calling again. I am nervous just thinking about how it made me feel! There was a lot at stake here people! I knew that I couldn't screw this up! He was HOT AND NICE!! Those 2 things almost never go together! Not too mention that he, for some strange reason, was still calling me!

I eventually got it together and called him back. He asked me to go out that night! What? I need preparation for these things! I had to work anyhow so that wasn't going to happen. We made plans to go out when he got back from his beach trip on Sunday. This was Friday... Awesome, 2 whole days to freak out about what I am going to wear!

Stay tuned for the first date story!

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