January 3, 2010


A little late with the Christmas post but better late than never, I guess.

Last year I was in Ohio for the holidays singing Elvis tunes 8 shows a week. So it was nice to know that I was going to get to see the family for Christmas this year.

Christmas was a bit strange because Oklahomans do not deal well with snow. Not because they don't like it, but because they do not know how to drive in it. At all.

So, what is normally, Crites Family on Christmas Eve and Sadler Family on Christmas Day turned into a mix a families and other stranded friends on Christmas Eve and just the four of us (mom, dad, my stud muffin and me) at home alone on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve was festive as usual. We didn't go to church because driving across town seemed a bit scary. Gege didn't get to come over either because it was just too slick for her. Cousin Ross got stuck in a ditch on the way over and Cousins Josh & Blake got to spend the night with us because it was impossible to get to Edmond.

Dinner was grand and Mom's table looked fantastic. The front porch also looked super festive with the snow.

Christmas Day was nice and quiet. Missed seeing the OKC family but I am going back soon. We watched movies and sat by the fire. Mom and I got pink fishing poles for Christmas!! I am pretty excited about it to be honest. Dad got lots of new clothes... hint... ditch the digital camo please! Brian was given the usual Sooners gear and his fav gift... Yankees 2009 Champs Tervis Tumblers.

We got to see Gege the last day we were there and she was a hoot to be around. Just love her!! Cannot wait to go back!!

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