January 11, 2010


This past weekend Stud Muffin and I went to his mother's house to do our Christmas with her.
I will be posting more about the weekend soon but I just had to post this ASAP!
Stud Muffin's mom always makes getting your Christmas gift a game or puzzle rather. I cannot wait for you to see what we got and if you can solve it as well!

First my gift...

The clues are Saffron, Egg, Coal, Berries, Bark, Chalk and Led.

The verbal clue I was given was to think of a woman.

Next Stud Muffin's gift...

The clues are Shells, Cards, Fish, Cow, Fur, and Whiskey.
The verbal clue... not sure if he got one.

Now it is your turn! Can you guess what we each received for Christmas?

1 comment:

  1. i love the new blog! super cute over here.

    i am completely baffled by the puzzle. like, feel very stupid when i look at the clues and come up with...nothin'.

    please reveal soon!



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