January 20, 2011

Live To Dance Semi-Finals Week 2

t is no secret that I love me some Paula and that I love dance shows... SO, for the next few Thursdays I will be giving my opinion on the new Paula Abdul show "Live To Dance".  

The show airs every Wednesday on CBS
White Tree Fine Art
Well last night was the 2nd week of Semi-Finals on Live To Dance. Here is my very opinionated recap!

First up was Jalen. An adorable 9 year-old Break Dancers! 
When I tell you I was AMAZED by this kid, I am not lying. He did headspins, headslides, and oh so much more. You could tell that this kid really rehearses and loves his craft. Plus, he was such a cute personality. 
Judges:  3 Gold Stars

Next Up we had Dance In Flight. While this duo had some really nice tricks and such, the va va voom just wasn't there. They didn't seem like a polished piece of work. I loved the costume change at the beginning but other than that. Not so much.
Judges:  2 Gold, 1 Red Star

The 3rd act of the evening was Twitch. A group a kids (clearly competition kids) from Miami. 
They danced to a pretty cool version of Apologize. For what I have seen on this show, they were great. But here is my beef... I see this stuff every weekend at dance competition! So, were they good? Yes. Were they unique? No. Did they out dance their competition on this show? Yes.
Judges:  3 Gold Stars.

Du-Shaunt Segall was up after Twitch. And let me tell you, where you dance in a lineup makes a difference. This kid was a bit sloppy and didn't seem to have enough "tricks" to surpass the 9 year-old that had opened the show. In addition, he came immediately after a group routine that was great. Now, this kid has never taken dance class and is just 16. If he gets himself into class... He will work. I thought he was better than the Dance in Flight act but the judges...
Judges:  3 Red Stars. 

Dax & Sarah. A couple that were adorable. I loved the black & white effect at the top of the routine and then as the music picked up the screen went to color. (Too bad that has nothing to do with their dancing). I found their routine entertaining and fun. Did I think they were better than the 9yo or Twitch? Nope.
Judges:  2 Gold Stars, 1 Red Star.

White Tree, Fine Art!!
As you may recall they were voted into the Semi-Finals by the public! They came out and worked it. Did I think that the female could have done a few more "ballet" steps en pointe? Sure, but I still loved it. And girl has got some serious leg! They incorporated the silks into their routine which I LOVE!! They danced to one of my favorite songs and well... they are ballet.
Judges:  2 Gold, 1 Red Star. 
REALLY!!! REALLY??? I was very angry with Travis Payne. What in the world was he thinking giving this group a red star? You gave those kids in the group Twitch a gold star and I didn't see them in pointe shoes buddy! UGH!!

Judges Choice to move on to the Finals:  WHITE TREE, FINE ART! 

Guess someone knows what they are doing!! 

Stayed tuned for America's Vote moving on to the Finals next week!

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