January 4, 2011

Okie Holiday Fun!

This was our first Christmas as a complete family since The Sailor joined the Navy. So it was bound to be a special one. 

Beware this will be picture heavy with little words. 

I think that the tree at my parents house is gorgeous! 
I love the way the presents always match!!

Stud Muffin and I in front of the tree on Christmas Eve. I was really proud of my target dress!

Gege is just the coolest 90 year old on the planet. 

Every year my Aunt Cindy forces us to take a family photo on Christmas Eve. While we all moan and groan about it, we secretly appreciate this. (Note to self:  next year sit far away from the dog.)

My cousins daughter is the most adorable thing on Earth! She really helped Gege in the present unwrapping! Great practice for Santa tomorrow morning!

Yes, this is The Sailor. Precious right? He is single ladies... you know you love him...

On a regular basis The Sailor says things that make Daddy & the Crazy Lady look like this. 
Yes, he even says those sailor like things on Christmas morning. 
(again, Ladies, he is single!)

Now you know your family is classy when you play Loaded Questions (adult version) on Christmas night. 
Nothing like asking "Who's breast would you most like to see exposed on television?" to your grandparents. 
It was actually A TON of fun! 

We did a little Christmas Light looking in OKC. These were gorgeous!

And nothing sums up an Okie Christmas quite like a day at Bass Pro Shops! 
(I think I hit more ducks than Stud Muffin.)

Tomorrow we will resume regular posting!!
It's Wedding YEAR!!! 

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