April 9, 2010

Bootsy & The Fox

Welcome to the last post about my Spring Fling with the Gabba Gang.

Well, after Toronto we drove all night to Fort Wayne, IN. I slept on the bus, as I usually do, but this time no one woke me up! I knew that we didn't have load in until 10:00am and assume that we couldn't get into the hotel until after so I hadn't set an alarm. Well... I woke up at about 8:30 to nothing and no one. Everyone but my friend, Sonya, had gotten off the bus at 6:00am when we arrived and gone to their rooms. The bus wasn't parked at the hotel so we were a bit lost. Oh well. It was a fun little jog to the hotel so I could get in a shower.

Fort Wayne itself was really a good time. We had dinner at this little brewery downtown and Mossi came to play at their open mic night. Wish I had a pic of that! He came in wearing his obnoxiously bright orange DJ Lance Rock shirt. Couldn't miss the boy! And... he is crazy talented! Loved it.

After Fort Wayne, we went back to our crazy scheduling ways. We were off to Cincinnati over night to load in, 2 shows and load out. Whew! Cincinnati was a blast as far as the shows were concerned. Our Dancey Dance guest was Bootsy Collins! Can I say that again people?!! Bootsy Collins!  "We got the Funk!"

So, Bootsy, was Amazing! Super nice guy. Love when celebs are down to Earth. But I think the best part about Bootsy taking the stage with the Gabba Gang was that at one point I look around me and every crew member backstage is taking a picture of it. Just cool to see how many people where really in awe that he was on our stage. Loved it! And the audience in Cincinnati was awesome as well. Totally into the show and just super excited about every little thing.

Our next stop was St. Louis. Again, it was the drive all night and begin load in at 6:00am routine. (Not going to lie, this whole shower at a theater and sleep on the bus is not my favorite thing in the world.) The best part about St. Louis was the theater we were playing, The Fox. It is just legendary and I was super excited to be there. Every show that comes through and plays there signs the wall somewhere. I was walking around looking at all of them and found so many shows with my friends names on the wall. SO FUN! My favorite was finding my friends from Hairspray, Lindsay and Jordan. We made one as well... however, we only had a few short minutes to do it (as we were only there one day) at least it looks like a kid show!The Fox was a great place to close this leg of the tour, it was gorgeous and Lance's hometown. Couldn't be happier with the way this leg went!

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