April 26, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

As many of you Dancing Readers know, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of my mother's dance studio. So, as a countdown to the recital on May 7 & 8 (please everyone come down and see it!) I am posting a pic plus story from the past!

So.... "C'mon shake your body baby do that Conga!"
The dance season was 1995-1996. This group was essentially what would be today's "SCD Elite Company" but back then was just another routine in the Company. 
This was the first year that I, as a student of my mothers,  remember thinking that we were really looking good. Yes, yes I know that the year before we had a banner year! But this was the first time I could physically SEE how the dancers were changing. We began the routine with a turn sequence that included more than half the group! For all you SYTYCD fans, this was new to us! It was new to most competitive dancers for that matter. Our little girls in blue were pretty fabulous for their age and we felt like a real team. Not the poor little small town studio without a clue that we had been not so many years before. I cannot remember one award this routine received but I can remember this... I felt like I was a part of something special when I was with these girls and these moments have shaped my life.

Now for those of you just waiting for your first "Shannon Moment"
Please raise your hand (or leave me some sort of fun comment) if you remember this:  "C'mon Chicky Baby do the Conga" vs. "C'mon shake your body baby do that Conga". I know you remember, Annie does! Please comment if you read and you remember. I cannot wait to see how many Shannon stories and jokes this week collects for me! 

Love you girls! You are always in my heart, at every audition and every show. Honestly, these are the moments that make my career easier. 


  1. I'm right there with you, Whitney! This is still my favorite dance we ever performed. I love everything about it, from the music to the choreography to the classy costumes. Do you remember the first mock-up of the costumes the company sent us?! We looked like show girls, and not the good kind. Thank God for Shannon and Alice's insight to what a class act studio would wear. My costumes still hangs in our "costume closet" and the kids love playing dress up. In fact, Henry wore my gloves just last week.

  2. Oh I wish you had a picture of Henry wearing the gloves!! Too funny!

    And yes, I do remember those mock ups! Volino and I looked like Pam Anderson on Baywatch!



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