April 27, 2010

We won what?

As many of you Dancing Readers know, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of my mother's dance studio. So, as a countdown to the recital on May 7 & 8 (please everyone come down and see it!) I am posting a pic plus story from the past!

"The One"
So, way back in April 1992 we were a little green to the whole competition thing. I'm not going to lie, things are a bit hazy as I remember them. I cannot for the life of me tell you what our other routines were this year. I think they were Thriller and Willimania but I could be wrong. (Note: I only list 3 routines because that is all we had!) What I do know is this, for the two years prior to this we had worked all year on our one or two routines and then taken them to one, yes just one, competition. The one competition that we normally sat through awards without ever hearing our names. Oh, the heartbreak! None of this, every kid gets a trophy stuff... we were tough!
So, back to April 1992, things changed!! They changed BIG! Here we are at our first competition. Competition NOT convention. We did a ballet routine of all things and got first place. Then we got First Place Overall!! What? Huh? Mom asked if they give it to everyone! We did it and we didn't even know it! We beat the pants off everyone else there without a clue!! This would soon become an SCD tradition but this was the first time it happened! We were the first SCD kids to do it!

Now for the "Shannon Moment":  We are all very lucky to be in costume in this pic because well, Miss Shannon... that is some outfit and hairdo you are sporting!!

So ladies, anyone feel like adding to this memorable time in SCD History?

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