April 30, 2010

Can You Do The Can-Can?

Welcome to my trip down memory lane, where I am posting one SCD picture and story from days gone by as a countdown to the 20th Annual Recital!!

"The Can-Can"
Oh, the Can-Can! I just loved this dance. 
Now to be perfectly honest, I am sure that I loved this dance because I was in the center the entire time. What can I say? I like the spotlight! And, I was not in the center because I was awesome or something... it was a costume issue. Nevertheless, I got to be center and that made me (the showoff that I am) love this routine. But really, who wouldn't love the Can-Can? So full of energy and life!
I remember that this is when I fell in love with Smiley. I had already been in love with Baby Kate since the day she was born! They were so precious and so good for their age!!  
This picture was taken backstage at Starlight Dance Competition. We were BIG TIME at Starlight, let me tell you! I mean, we had already won the big prize there before!  If I remember correctly some of the older girls in this routine had been to prom the night before. Wow... troupers!! I was just in 7th grade so that clearly was not an issue for me. Couldn't tell you what this routine won or anything else about it. I have no memory of performing it at LADF or anywhere else. I, for some reason, have a very vivid image of us doing it at Six Flags the following fall. Maybe it is because we got to be INSIDE the Batman Theater that year!

You ladies remember Jazz Boots? Whew! No wonder recital was still 3 hours when there were half as many routines... lacing those bad boys up was a nightmare! 



  1. When did I quit competition? I think I quit dance in 8th grade but perhaps competition before that? All I know is that my daughter is looking like her aunt and her mommy. Craziness!

  2. Hattie looks just like you in some of the pics I have from dance! It is NUTS!! And, oh my, the adorable pics I have of Kate with the biggest hair known to man!! It is fabulous!

    Cannot wait to get Hattie into company and start making more memories!!



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