April 26, 2010

Mommy, Daddy, Enron & the Flu

My Daddy FINALLY came to visit me!! 

 I say that he finally came to visit as if he has never been here before. This is not the case... it is just that my baby brother lives in Hawaii and for some reason Dad would rather visit there. I mean, really?! I am the good kid! Visit me!! (I also travel all the time, so I can see how its hard to plan a trip to see me)

Well, last weekend Mom and Dad came to visit me! Yippee!! I was extremely excited!!

They arrived on Friday and my Mimi's cousin Teddy came down to say hello as well. The first thing we did was head over to the Grand Central Oyster Bar where I proceeded to down my weight in oysters. They gave us some of the biggest oysters I have ever seen! Loved it!! Then it was off to PJ Clarks for some burgers. We stayed up way too late on Friday night and laughed way too much. I just adore my family!!

Saturday was supposed to be the day that we showed my day how beautiful NYC in the spring can be. It was pretty good but didn't really work out weather wise for all our plans. We ate some brunch at a diner and then headed the park. Teddy and I made sure to do some Gene Kelly while annoying Brian and then we all sat outside for a quick drink at The Boathouse. (it was just far too cold to hang out much longer) Teddy then had to head back upstate so we were left to entertain ourselves. Mom, Dad and I walked about Madison Ave doing a little shopping and then parted ways to get ready for dinner. 

We ate at Dad's favorite place in the world. Del Frisco's Steakhouse. I loved loved my tuna (yes, I had tuna) and tried the boys steaks which were also delicious. But I am always very excited about the warm bread that they bring to your table. Mmmmmmmmmm.....

After dinner we went to see my friend Jordan's new Broadway Play, Enron. Very intriguing show I must say. I really found it interesting. Stud Muffin was bored. I liked it! I also really like the whole corruption and it really happened thing though. After the show we met Jordan at Sardi's for a drink and some catching up. It was really nice to get to see her in the show and then see her talk to Dad about the real days at Enron. Pretty cool.We went home and were gearing up for one more full day with Mom and Dad. 

Then, at 3am, BAM! I got the stomach bug. I mean, I really got it. I decided that I would only tell Stud Muffin about it and then see how I felt just before we all left for the Yankee game the next morning. Well, while I am in the shower for the that morning, Mom calls and says she is not coming to the game because she has an upset stomach! Ugh! What?!! Well, that was my cue, Daddy never comes to visit NYC and I have a feeling the Yankee game was the part he most wanted to enjoy. So, I decided to suck it up and go to the game. Not such a bad idea, I had a good time and I am very happy that I went. In case you are new here at Dancing Through Life... I LOVE THE YANKEES! 

After the game we all gathered, Mom included, in our tiny 450 sq foot studio apartment for a little down time. I felt a bit queasy but not too bad. Mom was feeling better. So, off to dinner we went. To the Heidelberg mind you! Where I have been waiting to take my German father for a year!! I wanted to drink beer from a boot!! But no, I ordered plain soup with Spatzle and then after three bites promptly left Stud Muffin at dinner with my parents and ran back to the apartment sick as a dog. Without too much detail let me tell you that I didn't make it home before getting sick either. So very sad. 

So, while our time with Mom & Dad began so wonderfully it may have ended a little more abruptly than intended. It took me almost 4 days to get over whatever bug hit me and then I managed to give it to Stud Muffin. He is still recovering.

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