April 25, 2010

Easter Egg Roll!!

So as for the actual day of the Easter Egg Roll...

It was AMAZING!! I had the best time plus, I got a sunburn in April!

So the day began at about 8:00am as we headed over to the White House. We watched Glee perform, took photos with all the other celebs that were in attendance and then at 10:00 we took the stage. Shortly after our first performance the cast were ushered off to meet the Big Guy!! I did not get to meet him :( but I was there so that is okay.

After that we ate lunch. We dined in tents and it was one big crazy surreal moment to think that I was eating my box lunch in a tent with JK Rowling and Reese Witherspoon. I mean, Reese I actually got real words to come out of my mouth when speaking but JK Rowling... yup, I made a big ol fool of myself. "I...I...I... I just think Harry P..P...Potter is the B...Be...Best!" I suck! As if she doesn't know Harry is the best! I mean, come on, Whitney!

We did another show and then the day was done. I was just about to leave the White House and head over to the Visitor Center to purchase some souvenir eggs when they presented us with gift baskets!! I got 4 eggs!! Yipee!!

I had a great time! I am one super lucky girl!!

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