April 29, 2010

Let Me See You Shake Your Tail Feather!

As many of you Dancing Readers know, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of my mother's dance studio. So, as a countdown to the recital on May 7 & 8 (please everyone come down and see it!) I am posting one pic plus story a day,  from the past!
Now, if you know My Mother and I mean, KNOW my mother,  then you are aware that she is a bit of an overachiever and real go-getter! These are NOT bad qualities... just qualities of someone who may be a tad bit crazy.
The studio had only been open about 2 years when The Crazy Lady took us down to Six Flags to perform. We just took a few routines and the first year we danced outside of the Batman Theater (outside not IN the theater) on the cement and in the hot Texas heat. We didn't care! We were pretty sure that this made us rock stars. (Oh the naive youth! ) 
Most of the routines we took were from the previous year and didn't need too much rehearsal but Rock-A-Doodle was a new routine. (I am not sure why I wasn't in this one because all my friends were) It was a pretty cute routine with mixed ages. This routine may also mark the beginning of Miss Shannon's crazy costume designs. See those cute little feathers on the girls booties? Well those suckers ripped right off and became hand props! (This was not going to be the last time she made us dance with our costume!) If I didn't know better I would think my mother was high... but no, she is just naturally this way! I LOVE HER!!

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  1. i loved this number. the girls were so cute! i remember fluffing those feathers right before they went on stage~



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