May 4, 2010


Welcome to my trip down memory lane, where I am posting one SCD picture and story, a day,  from days gone by as a countdown to the 20th Annual Recital!! 
The studio has been very fortunate to be a part of big celebrations in the great state of Oklahoma. The first was HUGE for me as a kid. Not only because it was the biggest audience I had ever performed in front of or because I am a HUGE SOONER FAN, but because Sam Noble was an amazing man who had made an impact on my life!! 
Still at a loss... we danced several times in honor of the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History at the University of Oklahoma!! 

Our first performance was at Dad's Day! We were performed Jurassic Park with The Pride of Oklahoma! We still are the only non-university group to have done that!! We then went back in the spring and performed in the field house but this time just with our recorded music. Jurassic Park also happens to be the first routine we had ever win a Convention 1st Place Overall award. (and for you new kids... this was a BIG DEAL!! they only gave 1 out of 100 routines!! again, none of this everyone gets a trophy crap!) 

On a personal note: Jurassic Park was a really great event for my entire family. My brother was in the routine... He played Fred Flinstone. Oh the memories. My Uncle, who helped get us the gig, had these huge dinosaur balloons that he blew up at both events. And for my Daddy, well, the man calls Owen Field, Mecca! So, naturally he was just giddy. I have toured all over and danced in some pretty cool places but this remains one of the coolest. 

Another event that was super cool was also fairly recent. 
In 2007, the Great State of Oklahoma turned 100! The SCD Company was asked to perform in the Centennial Parade. It was a big honor. They were scarecrows and naturally Mom couldn't have them going empty handed... so all of them had brooms! Oh those brooms!! 

The scarecrows were a big hit! Everyone along the parade route loved them and talked about how energetic and fun they were. Miss Michelle was the ring leader and that made it even more fun! The parade aired on PBS live! Super cool. I attended and was pretty jealous that I was not out there dancing. They all looked great. And check your local school libraries because they are all listed by name in the Centennial book that was given to each school in Oklahoma. Again, I am jealous! 

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  1. what a great number jurassic park/flinstones was! i remember the long rehearsals in the oak hall gym. the costumes were outstanding and the performance at o.u. was one of my favorites, too! sooo many memories~



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