May 2, 2010

Double Trouble

Welcome to my trip down memory lane, where I am posting one SCD picture and story from days gone by as a countdown to the 20th Annual Recital!!
 "We Go Together"
 This may be a somewhat selfish post but hey, it's my blog so I can do that!

These two routines happen to hold a very special place in my heart. They were the first two routines that my mother ever allowed me to choreograph for competition. Yes, I did 2 little Jr. trios with my cousin Megan in years past but this... these were actual GROUPS!! While it may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, it was HUGE for me. 

I started my choreography with "We Go Together" and I can still remember every rehearsal I had with them. I was probably a little over confident in my abilities and my mother was just as willing as ever to allow me to teach these girls. (She must have had a back-up plan because I was only 14 years old and a freshman in high school!) I do remember after one rehearsal when Mom questioned if I was going to finish the routine in time for competition. Of course! Although, I admit I was a bit nervous about it myself. But have no fear... my girls didn't let me down. We finished and cleaned...And let me tell you... They got a Perfect Score at one of their competitions!! This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship... I have choreographed over 25 routines on these amazing dancers!
"Papa Ooo Mow Mow"

Now moving on to "Papa"! How I love these girls!! These girls broke the mold! I don't know why but for some reason we didn't have a lot of time to learn this routine so, we did something we never did back then and learned the entire routine in just 3 hours. We do this every August with almost every routine now, but back then that just seemed like way too much information at once. Oh, take another look at the picture... they are SEVEN!! Yup, that's right! These kids not only learned their routine in 3 hours but were the youngest of our company members! 
So, while these 2 groups of kids were my first real students they were also my saving grace. They may never know it but they helped me to survive high school. I hated everything about high school. I felt like an outsider with big boobs and dreams that others laughed about to my face. These girls grounded me and made me see the bigger picture. They made me feel like I belonged. They have always made me feel that way. I look forward to seeing them update their Facebook pages with pictures from college, weddings, and now their children. I'm not sure that Mom had this connection in mind when she allowed me to choreograph for them but it has been one of the best gifts I have ever received. 

I love you girls!!


  1. those girls love you, too!! another favorite of mine. still hear that song~ debbie loved that number.

  2. Love it! What about the Puppies number with Baby Kate? I thought that was so funny and cute.

  3. I have a pic of Puppies but they only have half their costume on. Can't go posting naked babies! hehe.



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