May 3, 2010

Beat with a B-E-A-U-T-Y!

Welcome to my trip down memory lane, where I am posting one SCD picture and story from days gone by as a countdown to the 20th Annual Recital!!

"Body Beautiful"
Body Beautiful Baby! This dance was one of my favorites. I wasn't even in it! 

They mixed this song from the "To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything! Love Judy Newmar" Soundtrack with Vogue by the obvious artist. They had stools and steps (the same steps that are currently being used by Miss America) and they had some fierce costumes. Amanda looked like a freakin' rock-star on those stairs and it was a new direction in choreography for Miss Shannon. 

On a personal note:  I never spell beautiful incorrectly because of this routine. I sing this song every time I write the word. Every time. No lie!! 

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