May 5, 2010


Welcome to my trip down memory lane, where I am posting one SCD picture and story, a day,  from days gone by as a countdown to the 20th Annual Recital!! 

The birth of Hip Hop at SCD! Sure we have had all boys hip hop since year 1 and we always took hip hop at convention and such but this was our first real hip hop company routine. (Unless you count Jump! hehe) "Tiddlywinks" was performed by the teens and seniors in 2001! Gregg Russell did the choreography and they were awesome!

Now, for those of you that know My Mother's background in dance. Having her company do a hip hop routine was not only completely different from anything she had ever done but also genius! This is what makes her so great!! Hip Hop was not something that was trendy and going to go away. (Unlike the horrific thing most schools call contemporary these days.) Hip Hop, like it or not trinas, was here to stay. You cannot be a working dancer in today's world without training in all fields. The more you know the better. Instead of taking the snooty, I will not do hip hop route, she bit the bullet and her kids loved her for it. 

 For the "Shannon Moment" of this routine:  What the heck are Tiddlywinks? Why on Earth is a hip hop routine named Tiddlywinks? She also called them Skittles! Um, Mom they are dancing to "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang! Where did you get Tiddlywinks? Anyone? Got a clue on this one? Miss Michelle and I laugh about it daily!

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