May 6, 2010

Le Jazz Hot!

Welcome to the my countdown to My Mother's 20th Annual Dance Recital. This is where I post a picture & story from the past each day until recital. Today happens to be... the 20th Dress Rehearsal at SCD!! That means... only 2 pics left!

"Le Jazz Hot"
Oh,  how I loved this piece! All my Teen & Senior girls in 2007! I miss the days that I dressed half my women as men. Awe, memories. What am I talking about?! Now I have real men!! 

Back to the wonderful "Le Jazz Hot" piece. The song itself is just amazing. From the Victor/Victoria soundtrack. The lovely Julie Andrews! I mean, you can't get much better than Julie Andrews. The accents you can hit choreographically with this song are fabulous. I had a ball doing this piece. And let's face it, I could not have done this one without my lady in red... Katie Parish. She was made for this one! I think the only thing I would change if I had this one to do all over again would be that I would have my "ladies" in heels and not jazz shoes. (This was before I decided that all my dancers would wear heels each year. Now, it is a must.) 
I don't remember if this piece won all that often. I thought they were fabulous but it was definitely a different kind of piece for competition. Very musical theater, no tricks or anything fancy. I just hate when things need to have fuete' turns or giant leaps when the piece itself would look so much better without all that non-sense. I do know that this routine was picked to dance in the showcase at JUMP! which means it was our highest studio score that day. Yippee! Yay girls! 

Regardless of how they scored it will remain in my top 5 favorite pieces I have ever choreographed. LOVE IT!!

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  1. that was a wonderful number! i wish we could combine all of the recitals into one.... how many hours would that be? 60 plus hours i am sure!



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