February 6, 2011

Up We Go...

This week marks my 10th Anniversary in NYC! 
Click Here to catch up on the story of how I ended up here!
Last night out in Norman with my girls before I moved!
January 2001.
While I had a plan to move to NYC, it wasn't until just before the end of fall semester in 2000 that I actually started to act on the plan. I had NO IDEA where I would live or what I was going to do when I got there. Until...

My friend, Annie, called and said that her Lil Sis at OCU was planning on moving as well and needed a roommate. I only knew this girl from dance competitions in high school. She and I spoke on the phone a few times and started to get the ball rolling. She found a sublet on craigslist for a month and we decided to jump on it. Figuring that we could spend that month getting settled and finding a place of our own while actually in the city. 

I am hazy on how things took place before we were all ready to head out. We booked one way tickets to NYC for Firday Feb. 2nd, 2001. My grandparents had a wonderful going away party for us the night before and it was such an exciting time. The next morning we got to the airport crazy early. (I don't know what time it was but I feel like it was at 7am or something crazy.) This was before 9/11 so our entire crew went to the gate with us. We are talking the whole fam-damn-ily! Not too mention... we had friends from college surprise us at the airport! LOVE! I don't ever remember being more scared in my entire life. It was a good scared but I am pretty sure had someone jumped out from behind a corner I would have peed my pants. I cried with family and friends with both sadness and joy. The mix of emotions were pretty crazy. 

Jordan and I boarded our flight and off we went. We were both a bit teary and while we barely knew one another, it was so comforting to be taking this leap with friend. I think we said more to each other in the silence of that flight taking off then we ever really knew. 
Jordan and I on our layover in Chicago.
Feb. 2, 2001
We arrived in NYC. Snow covered the ground and we had TONS of luggage to haul. We hopped in a cab and headed off to our new little Harlem apartment to begin life in the big city!

Thank GOD for Jordan Ballard that day! I do not think I would have lasted more than 5 minutes without her. I just followed her like a little puppy. We went to the grocery store and stalked up on food. We walked our little neighborhood and even went out with some of Jordan's friends from college. Looking back on this day brings me such a mix of emotion. What kind of crazy idiot hops a plane with a girl she just met, to live in a city she doesn't know, with a one month sublet and did I mention a total of only $500 to her name??? 
Me! I do. I am that girl. Sometimes it shocks the hell out of me! 
The 30 year old me would NEVER to that!! 
Good thing we have no fear as youngsters!

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