February 5, 2011

The College Years...

This week marks my 10th Anniversary in NYC! 
Click Here to catch up on the story of how I ended up here!

I packed up my little blue Altima in August 1999 with nothing but excitement in the air. I could not wait to go be a real live Oklahoma Sooner, go through sorority rush and began dancing in college! 
I really was overly excited. 

I was unprepared for the emotional roller coaster that sorority rush would take me on. In short:  I had a fabulous rush, I pledged a great sorority (just not the same one as my family members) and made amazing friends. (I promise to write more on rush and such some other day because it is a story for sure!) Here is a funny fact:  I never thought that I was one of the "popular" girls in high school. And well, that is because I wasn't. But something about this new sorority made me feel like I might actually be hanging out with the coolest girls at OU. (Because that is such a mature thought... oh Lord save the 18 year old me!)

Once classes began I was in for another rude awakening. Sororities and the Dance Department DO NOT MIX. I had on my Bid Day shirt in the locker room while changing for class one day and a really sweet girl came up to me and explained to me that I shouldn't wear my letters to the dance building. Boo! Then while my entire pledge class went on their walk out to get to know each other and bond... I had to stay in the dorms alone, and go to rehearsal each day. Double Boo! And from that moment on I always felt just a tad bit disconnected to my pledge sisters. 

Unfortunately, I also felt disconnected from the people in the dance department. The reason those two worlds don't mix is because no one has time to harbor both sets of friendships properly. While dancing I was always missing out on some sorority social event and while at a sorority social event I was always missing out on bonding with my fellow dancers. By trying to belong in both worlds, I didn't really belong to either. (Dance in college needs its own week as well! I promise to share much more later.)

I was excelling in dance despite my loneliness. I was the only freshman in the modern dance company and I even got a duet my first semester. (I would post a picture but I was so fat that the computer would burst!) The head of the Modern Dance Department was insane (seriously) and sort of made life a living hell. I was beginning to hate dancing and that had never happened for me. So...
I quit. 
My bestie, Bridger, and I at a KKG Date Party.  Sometime 2000.
I left the dance department and thought I would major in something practical. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! 
I had lots of college girl fun while taking my break. Auditioned for the OU Pom Squad... didn't make it. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THAT! And made up my mind that day that I was moving to LA or NYC as soon as possible. When I say "that day" I mean this; My parents and I decided that if I did not make the OU Pom Squad that I would quietly begin to prepare for the big move. I didn't even tell my very best friend who was about to go through rush. But my mind was made up in April of 2000 when that lovely woman didn't give me any "sponsor points." ;) I would like to thank her for that someday. Wink Wink.

That summer I traveled to LA with my mothers studio kids and danced. Someone got sick that was assisting at the convention and the next thing you know my mother has offered me up as an assistant. I was super excited and terrified at the same time. I had a BLAST! 19 years old and dancing with all the people I had admired for so long. One of the best summers ever! And when all was said and done, I had created a friendship that would last a lifetime and take me to NYC! 

I went back to Norman for "work week" and rush late July 2000. I knew I was moving to NYC after that semester but told no one. Rush was extremely hard on me from the other side. My very best of friends were going through and while I really wanted them to pledge my house... I also knew I would be leaving and felt extremely guilty that I had not shared that with them. Out of all my little beauties that went through rush only one came to the Kappa house. And while I was sad, I was a tad bit relieved. I could now leave for the big city without the guilt of leaving someone behind. 
My Pledge Class on Big/Lil Night. Sept. 2000

I had a BLAST living in the Kappa house that semester. I really loved it. And say what you will... nothing was better than that sleeping porch! I loved my Lil Sises and actually had time to create real friendships with the girls in my pledge class. But... not dancing was killing me and as fun as all this socializing was, it just wasn't enough.
With My Lils, Kristen & Michelle. Sept. 2000
I packed up with bitter sweet feelings at the end of that semester. I was sad to leave my friends but super excited about all the exciting things that life was about to throw my way.

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