June 29, 2011

We Got Married!!

Welcome back Wedding Wednesdays
Now instead of all the planning, I can talk all about the big event!

I am still glowing in the aftermath of our big day, so I figure I will just barely touch on some things today so I do not ramble...

Let me first say that I had a BLAST at my wedding! A BLAST I SAY! Best day ever! I had one major rule for myself throughout the weekend festivities and that was to enjoy every minute of things! I think I did a pretty good job! 

I am not sure where to begin! We had a weekend full of events. 
Thursday- Rehearsal Dinner
Friday- Welcome Party
Saturday- Wedding!

Now, I did make sure to allow my friends free time during the day. I figure no one wants to travel to the Florida Keys and not get to see them! 

I really cannot make a complete sentence at the moment, so I figure I will have to compose my thoughts for next weeks post! 

Happy Hump Day friends!!

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