April 27, 2011

Invitation Station!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where I talk all things about my Wedding!!

As many of you know, Stud Muffin is a graphic designer. So... He chose to design our invites himself. 
This was a PROCESS people! I highly suggest... BUYING your invites. We almost got a divorce (before we were married!) in the paper store. However, I love the final product and we saved a TON of money!

Things that I loved about this process!
The invites were a one of a kind.
We saved a good chunk of cash. 
With so much of our wedding in the hands of a planner in FL, this was a way to feel more involved.
While at the time it seemed tedious, the "arts & crafts" were fun together.

Things I hated about this process!
Stud Muffin's 400 trips to the paper store and constantly changing mind.
My wedding colors had to change based on Stud Muffin's design preference.  
Who knew it would take a week (seriously!) to cut and paste and stamp everything!

All in all, I think our invites turned out quite nicely. I loved being involved even if it did feel like it took forever. 
The hassle was worth it but I wouldn't do it again! 

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